The End!

Okay, well, you’re not quite there yet. But almost. Last week will mark our final class and I want to make sure that you’re fully caught up on your all of your blog posts and the final project. By 7:45 p.m. Wednesday night, we expect all of your blog posts to be fully completed and for you to hand in a hard copy of your final project in class. Late projects and late blog entries will not be accepted.

I want you to use your final blog entry of the semester to respond to a two-part question. Take the opportunity to reflect over the course of the semester and all the various topics we’ve covered. Here’s the question: Was exploring social media this semester worth it? In light of “Hamlet’s Blackberry,” do you think this whole world does more harm than good or more good than harm? Beyond those two questions, what do you think of this social media you’ll still be using in six months? In a year? Have the tools that we’ve looked at this fall made your life better or worse?

It’s a big topic, I know, but one I’m really interested in. Truthfully, I’m no longer as convinced as I was when I began teaching this class in 2007 that social media is a net positive for society. It’s certainly not all bad—as I might have left some with the impression after last night’s lecture—but social media is not nearly as dreamy and delightful and sugar and spice and all things nice as it’s often made out to be in the media.

We’ll talk about that subject next week in class. Until then, go forth and conquer!

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