From Linux to Threadless

Sorry I missed you all on Wednesday but I’m looking forward to more fun discussions next week as we continue to explore the topic of crowds vs. communities. It’s a key concept and one that we’ll spend a lot more time exploring in next week’s class. Our focus next week will largely be on the output of these crowds and communities.

The title of next week’s lecture is the same as this blog post: from Linux to Threadless. We’ll explore everything from the community-based development of complex software operating systems like Linux, to the community-driven design of some of the best t-shirts you can buy. (At least I think so, as the owner of several Threadless tees including this one andthis one. )

Last week you were tasked with comparing the credibility of Wikipedia with a traditional published encyclopedia. Your blog topic for this week is an extension of that same theme, with a slight difference: did anything we showed you or discussed in class change your mind from your initial position? What about traditional news outlets—how would you compare the credibility of Wikipedia, particularly around breaking news?

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