I hope you enjoyed our wide-ranging discussion Wednesday night; sorry I’m a bit late getting this up. Next week’s class will be the second one focused on social media; in particular we’ll look at how collaboration happens online and in joint web projects. There’s also a bunch more sites and communities that we’ll explore. I think, out of the deep goodness of our hearts, that we’re going to go easy on you this week and not assign any additional reading, other than Anderson’s “The Long Tail.” Thus:

1) Work on your Twitter links for next week.

2) For your blog post this week, take your favorite hobby/activity and try to find some online communities about it. If there’s one for women who knit pink socks, there’s got to by some online activity (and perhaps even a specific social network) around your hobbies and activities. Blog about what you find as you search online. Are you surprised by what you find? What (and who) exactly do you find? Where are the leading sites on your chosen hobby? Who is the leader of the community? Remember: Be LINKY! Maybe they’ll come and read your post. Is there a community for your hobby on Flickr or even on Amazon? As a starting point, you might want to peruse that huge list we explored in class.

3) Read and think about the Long Tail: Where, in your personal experience, do you see the long tail playing out online? What interests/tastes/hobbies do you explore or use the web for that would have been difficult in the pre-web era? (This is a good way to tie your blog entry into the reading—and show us that you’re connecting the various points of the class.)

3) Catch up on any readings or blog posts you haven’t tackled yet. We’ll talk about the social media project in class next week and you’ll want to be all caught up.

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