Twitter Recommendations

Want some ideas about who to follow to help make Twitter useful? Here are some of my favorite Twitter people:

Web 2.0 Brains: Michael Slaby, Katharine Zaleski, Matt Thompson, Lovisa Williams (State Dept.), Scott Rosenberg (recognize this guy?), Danah Boyd, Bob Cohn, Nick O’Neill, Frank Gruber, Andy Carvin, Katie Boehret (a former student), Jay Rosen, Craig Newmark (of Craig’s List), Robert Scoble.

Journalists: Jacob Weisberg, Alyssa Rosenberg,  Jess Vascellero, Ari Shapiro, Jack Shafer, Brian Stelter, John Dickerson, Chris Cillizza, Mary Katharine Ham, Mark Knoller.

News sites: We Love DC, TBD, Washingtonian.

Politicos: Kevin Madden, Sen. Claire McCaskill, Karl Rove, Sen. Chuck GrassleyNewt Gingrich, Joe Trippi.

Cool People: Amanda Little (a grad of this class and com dir on the Hill), Erin Caldwell (works with Mike), Dave Levy (ditto), David Almacy (ditto), Jason Linkins, Farah Pandith, Kashmir Hill, Jake Brewer, John Della Volpe, Henry Copeland, Micah Sifry, Nancy Scola, Michael Bassik, Michael Silberman, Clay Johnson.

Personalities: Jose Andres, Conan O’Brien, The Situation, Snooki.

Just for Fun: God_Damn_Batman, DC Fire and EMS.

Who do you like to follow?

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One Response to Twitter Recommendations

  1. taryou says:

    Personality: @boburnham

    Hilarious: @2birds1blog

    Ideas: @tedtalks

    Film: @ebertchicago

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